We produced our first NAS Defender canvas top in 1996, which means we have been supporting NAS Defender owners for 10 years with high quality products! The best part about this is that the products keep getting better as time goes on. Get on the bulletin boards to find out what people say about our products.


 Badger Half cab now available with fabric door seals! Some customers were not too keen on the cost of the gutter and door seal kits. This reduces the cost of this kit by almost half the price of the kit including the gutter and door seals.


 The Badger I FDS and Badger II FDS are available with fabric door seals! The FDS top is geared towards the customer that does not want to deal with the gutter kit and hardware, as on the Badger I GK and Badger II GK tops. Once again, this also reduces the price considerably.


 We now offer Series headliner frame and roof padding kits. Our headliner kits have been available since 1989, and these were 2 items that were needed to complete that section of the series interior components. We also include an exploded view diagram on the headliner frame for each model showing the fasteners as well.


 In Production- For those of you that drive to work with a Bikini top, or no top on your vehicle and hope that it doesnít rain during the day. We will be offering a cabin cover that covers the full roll cage and windshield frame, covers down just past the belt rail.


 9/1/07 We now carry seat heaters by Rostra which can be purchased for one seat or both.


 2/1/09 Visit our ebay store (http://stores.ebay.com/Badger-Coachworks) which has some of our quick moving products and some clear out items. This also means that we accept Pay Pal. There will also be used Land Rover parts for sale from time to time.


 2/1/09 We have been working on our carpet and hardura products for the Defender 90 and 110. This includes replacement seat box covers in either hardura or European velour carpet. You can see the listings and prices on canvas accessories page.


 4/15/09 We are now offering an economy line of products for the Defender made with Haartz vinyl topping material. The Badger I FDS has itís own page and the rest of these items can be found on the Canvas accessories page.


 2/21/10† Become a fan of Badger Coachworks on Facebook.


 9/24/11 Update on prices and a separate page for the Badger II FDS


 10/11/11 Added Toyota FJ25 page, soon offering Land Cruisers tops for the FJ40








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