Badger - Euro Spec. Canvas Top

     The Badger IV Euro canvas top is for Defenders without the NAS rubber coated roll bar. The NAS bar has a lower profile than the galvanized hoop set used on Export Land Rover. The hoop set for the Euro version is similar to the Series Land Rover hoop set, except that it is 4” longer, and uses different upper drain channels.


     There is a lot of work and money needed to convert an NAS station wagon to a NAS soft top, and it is really not worth the trouble, even if you can find a roll cage. This top and hoop set would be the option for the NAS owner looking for a change.


     For years Series owners have removed the hard top after the winter and installed their canvas top. It’s a nice way to spend a day changing the look of your Land Rover, as long as you have remembered where you put all of your hardware.


     This is the top we offer to customers outside the U.S. that are looking for a high quality top. These tops do not use the belt rail strip as found on the NAS D90, but they use tie down tabs on the bed just below the cappings. The tension on the Badger IV’s fit is not as tight as the Badger I, II and III because it uses rope or boat line to tie it to the vehicle. This top also acts like a surrey top when the side and back curtains are rolled up with straps and buckles.


The windows are double polished vinyl and come in a dark grey tint.


The options on this top are:


· Side windows

· Solid side panels

· Alpine windows

· Back curtain with 3 windows

· Back curtain with 1 window

· Sunroof

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Full top with side windows…………………………….. $2395.00

Full top with out side windows …………………………$2195.00