Here is how we became Land Rover interior specialist


†††††††††† I started working in the automotive upholstery business in 1980 in Nyack, NY for Putt Georgi Ltd.. Shortly after I† decided to make an interior for my 1964 Land Rover. I started to do this as a hobby and in 1988 it developed into a full time business now known as Badger Coachworks. We have been on Cape Cod since 1988 and have gone from 884 sq. ft in our first shop to 4320 sq. ft. in our present location in So. Dennis, Ma. USA


††† Badger Coachworks primary market in the early years consisted of custom automotive interiors, and interior products for the Series Land Rover. Land Rover North America hired our services in 1994 as a consultant to help sort out the problems on the Tickford soft tops, which came on the 94 D90. This led to running a warranty program for LRNA refurbishing over 700 Tickfords in a 3 yr. period.


†††† Our first top rolled out of our shop in 1996, and since then have designed and† produced additional tops and canvas accessories for the Defender 90 and 110 models. The people at Badger Coachworks are Land Rover owners and enthusiasts. We have been involved in the Land Rover club scene and are well versed in the complete line of vehicles from 1948 to present. Our custom work is just about limitless, as there are some ideas that just donít work.



††  Our products range from our Defender full soft top line to Series 1 kick panels. The combination of design, research, craftsmanship in our canvas tops has produced a product that is very distinctive in the Land Rover market. We have received inquiries from Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and of course North America. We seem to have quite a following from Land Rover owners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well.


†† ††††††††† We enjoy creating products that add to the look of customer's Land Rover, and we like to hear how our product is lasting. We invite you to browse our web site and read about our product line.


†††††††††††† If there is some item that you do not see, call us and we can discuss your needs.† Customers are always welcome to stop by the shop to see and understand what goes into a Badger Product, but please call ahead of time.



Sew on and sew forthÖ


- Chris Laws (Owner)

Company Profile

259 Great Western Road/ P.O. Box 285†† South Dennis,† MA.†† 02660† USA

Phone: 508.394.2680†††††††††††††††††††† Fax: 508.760.2281††††††††††††


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Badger Coachworks

Series front door panels during fabrication.

Sewing work stations.

Storage loft with seat cores and interior components for the series Land Rover. We have every style of seat that Land Rover made and are the most knowledgeable with Land Rover interiors.

This is a huge hide of leather being marked and cut for custom Defender seats.

Spacious garage area for working on the vehicles.

Sewing work station with 2 sewing machines. The main sewing is a Pfaff 545 single needle and does most everything asked of it. The 2nd machine is a Pfaff double needle used when joining decks on tops and cabin covers.

Headliner install on a tropical roof fitted to a 2 door reg. Lwb. Series Land Rover. We make and install roof padding kits, headliner frame kits and the complete headliner kits.

Rack for customers tops and bolts of material.

1st floor working stations for the window assemblies on our tops. A lot of various work is also done on these tables. Large tables are very handy when rolling out materials for marking and cutting.

A Badger I top being made for an order. We ship these tops all over the world.