Canvas and Vinyl tops

    Badger I GK (Gutter kit version)

· Badger II GK (Gutter kit version)

· Badger I FDS (Fabric door seal version)

· Badger II FDS (Fabric door seal version)

· Badger I FDS (Vinyl)  Coming soon

    Badger IV Euro top

· Half cab GK (Gutter kit version)

· Half cab FDS (Fabric door seal version)


Canvas and Vinyl Accessories


  Strapless bikini

  Half tonneau cover

  Full tonneau cover

  Drop curtain (top half)

●  Drop curtain (bottom half)

· Canvas door tops



  Cabin vehicle cover

  Replacement roll bar pads 


  Seat box covers (hardura or carpet)

  Kick panels (hardura or carpet)

  Firewall cover (hardura or carpet)




  Water repellant seat covers

  Replacement seat covers

  Replacement foam cushions

  Electric seat heaters




Interior Panels

  Door panels w/pockets(all models)

  Front door Upper pads (all models)

  Front door Armrest (all models

  Side Door panel for Lwb. 5 door

  Upper door pad for Lwb. 5 door

  Back Door (Swb./Lwb.)

  Side Panels (set of 4) for models 

    w/ sliding side window assemblies


Hardura Trim

  Firewall (hardura) 4 cyl. or 6 cyl.  

  Kick panels (hardura) 

  Footwells  (hardura)

  Transmission tunnel cover (hardura) 

  Back of seatbox (hardura)109 Sta. Wag.

  Panel for face of divider wall (hardura) Swb./Lwb. Reg.

  Seat box (hardura) all models


Headliner and carpeting

  Headliner kits

  Headliner frame kits

  Roof padding kits

  Head pads (long/short)



Series Canvas tops

  Swb. Full Canvas

  Swb. 3/4 Canvas

  Lwb. Full Canvas

  Lwb. 3/4 Canvas

  Bikini Tops

  Half Cab Pick Up Canvas


Useful list of Land Rover parts and service companies and Land Rover clubs worldwide.


Other types of vehicles that we work on replacing interiors and tops.


The Company is named after my first Land Rover. Read more about still having the first car you bought. Some of you still wish you did.

Here are some photos of our products on customer vehicles. Send us a photo of your vehicle with a Badger product on it.

Installation instructions/ helpful tips/ special care for our products.

Magazine articles on Badger Coachworks and our products.

Defender Products

Series Products

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-Leather/ Cloth seats


-Carpet sets

-Water Repellent seat covers (coming soon)